SIX AM Guest Mix: Nick Payne

Author : Mark Grossane
July 31, 2023

SIX AM Guest Mix: Nick Payne

Nick Payne has been involved in underground rave culture since the mid-to-late 1990s in the Midwest United States.

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Listen Now: SIX AM Guest: Nick Payne

Over the years, he has developed his sound through exposure and experimentation, always leaning towards the darker, psychedelic, sci-fi, and edgier side of techno. His music is focused on moving feet, and he has released tracks on several labels. He is also the founder of the well-received imprint Tachyon Audio, which focuses on techno sounds that are designed to fill dark, sweaty dance floors with large, high-quality sound systems.

Nick continues to push the boundaries of techno using a calculated combination of cutting-edge techniques in sound synthesis, rhythm production, music theory, technology, and soundscape design. He always keeps dance floors on their toes.

Look out for a few releases from Nick and Inhabitants this summer and fall, including Nick’s upcoming single “Volgen” on Tachyon Audio in May. More info:…ne-volgen-ep

Tracklist :
No! – “Wrong Side” (O.V.N.I.)
Dax J – “Stealth Mode” (Monnom Black)
1fm – “Recoil” (Illegal Alien Records)
Dax J – “Skyline At Night” (Monnom Black)
B.A.R.K – “Dizziness” (Physical Techno Recordings)
Dasha Rush – “Darkness” (Sonic Groove)
B.A.R.K – “Equilibrium” (Physical Techno Recordings)
Ryan James Ford & Anetha – “Crepes Suzette” (Mama Told Ya)
Yuji Kondo – “Shadows Collision” (In Silent Series)
Sept – “Hyperreal” (SNTS)
Onleash – “Poppers Delight” (Mama Told Ya)
Zolex – “Locca'” (Dark Distorted Signals)
Rebekah – “First Encounter” (Soma Records)
Chlar – “She Can’t Keep Going” (BCCO)
Marco Kallas & beqqard – “Russian Warship Go Fuck Yourself” (Back in Black)
B.A.R.K – “Anger” (Physical Techno Recordings)
Barker – “Bent” (BARKER)
Nebuchadnezzar – “Link My Pager” (Mama Told Ya)
Simone Tavazzi – “Forced Perspective” (Stige)
Dax J – “Fills Munk” (Monnom Black)
Dax J – “The Director of Chaos” (Monnom Black)
Acclaim To The Gods, ÐØRSÆL – “The Cosmic Pain” (O.V.N.I.)
Simone Tavazzi – “Badger” (Stige)
Sept – “Dignity Loss Alert” (SCX)
Rebekah – “Rancor” (Soma Records)
Ryan James Ford – “Laugh Now Cry Later” (Mama Told Ya)
Sept – “Virtue Signalling” (SCX)
Dax J – “The Final Wavescape” (Monnom Black)
Priori – “Portents And Omens” (Priori)
Sept – “Dies Irae” (SCX)
Anne – “Cycler” (BCCO)
Dax J – “Ur Names Not Down Ur Not Coming In” (Monnom Black)
FS – “Little M” (Syzygy Records)

Connect with NICK PAYNE : Bandcamp | Beatport |  SoundCloud