Clif Jack Returns to Kuukou With New EP

Clif Jack
Author : Kevin Ching
July 28, 2023

Clif Jack Returns to Kuukou With New EP

Kuukou is a record label run by Simina Grigoriu which is a respected outlet for peak time techno from producers ranging from Dok & Martin to Sisko Electrofanatik.

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The label is known for championing fresh talent alongside longstanding legends such as Filterheadz and Tom Wax. Its latest release is a two-track EP by Clif Jack who first debuted on Kuukou as part of a VA released in 2001.

Since then, Clif Jack has become established as an artist to watch, as his music has been signed to other labels including Deborah De Luca‘s Solamente and Veerus‘ Le Club. He is also fresh from a recent debut on the highly influential Filth on Acid record label run by Reinier Zonneveld.

“Imminent” is the first of the tracks and it’s got an eerie sci-fi vocal fused with hard-hitting percussion and a bleeping melody synth. It’s a thundering track that has an unstoppable groove and the second track “Restless” is created from a similar sound pallet. Restless has more of a hypnotic flow with trippy vocals and thrashing high-end percussion.

Out now, you can pick up a copy HERE