House Producer Lex Luca Unveils His Musical Journey and Upcoming Releases

Author : 6AM
September 08, 2023

House Producer Lex Luca Unveils His Musical Journey and Upcoming Releases

Lex Luca is one of house music’s most prolific and consistent electronic artists. Regular support from scene heavyweights from Annie Mac through to Pete Tong & Mark Knight, Jamie Jones, Claude von Stroke, Richy Ahmed to Riva Starr are testament to his high production values, while a steady stream of releases on labels like Snatch!, Desert Hearts, Cr2 and his own In Tune imprint across house, tech and tribal are testament to his relentlessness work ethic and creativity. For his first release of the year, Luca now returns to his own In Tune with his new I Think I Did It EP. Lex Luca talks with SIX AM and shares insights into his creative process, the inspiration behind his music, and his upcoming releases on labels like Brobot Records and Trutopia’s label.

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Hi Lex Luca! Thanks for talking to SIX AM Group how are you?

I’m doing well, thanks!


You just released your latest EP, “I Think I Did It”. Can you share with us the inspiration behind it? How did you approach blending the boundaries between punchy tech house and tribal house music on this release?

I love making bouncy house music, tracks that get me dancing and would work in my DJ sets. I was inspired to bring in some tribal influences into my sound and I think the tracks mark a progression in my productions, from some of the more tech house stuff i’ve done before.


With releases on such standout labels like Snatch!, Desert Hearts, and Cr2, clearly labels love to support your releases. Why did you decide to release “I Think I Did It” on your own imprint?

I wanted to get a bit of a release schedule together for the remainder of the year, and that’s one of the benefits of having your own label; I get to decide when to release my tracks! Also it fits with the sound of the label so it all seemed to make sense.

Your track “Exposure” received remarkable recognition from prominent figures in the industry like Groove Armada, Laurent Garnier, and Nicole Moudaber. Could you take us through the creative process behind this track and what you believe set it apart to become such a standout success?

Exposure was built around the sample. Once I’d got those different sections of the samples working well it came together pretty quick. There’s a fair bit of processing on it with some high energy house drums.

I spent some time selecting sections that worked well and created the energy and vibe I was looking for. There’s a tension and release that works really well on the dancefloor. And I think that’s a key element that really sets it apart. The arrangement is also different to standard tracks and there’s something about the disco vibe that seems to have mass appeal too.


Your work has gained support from a wide range of influential artists, from Annie Mac to Jamie Jones. Has their support influenced your sound at all as you progress in your career? What is it about your music that you think caught their attention?

It’s always a buzz to have these guys support my music. I tend to focus on making music that I love and it’s an extra bonus when other DJs on the scene like the tracks too. The tracks I release tend to be pretty dance-floor friendly and some have a solid radio appeal too. It is important though to not focus on external validation – easier said than done but I’ve learned from experience that as long as you’re staying true to yourself then the rest will fall into place.


You have some releases coming up on Brobot Records and Trutopia’s label. What can you tell us about them? Have they already been dancefloor tested and if so what’s been the reaction? If not, what can our audience expect?

Yeah I’m gassed to be joining the Night Mayor’s family. The track is called Mechanical Touch, coming out at the end of September. It’s actually something a bit different from me. I’d say it’s another progression of my sound. It’s a track based around a vocal sample that i was playing with so it’s a bit more melodic in a way.

The track for Brobot is way more underground, with a solid acid line and some attitude. I”m a huge fan of Junior Sanchez – this will be my 2nd release on his label and I think At Ya is the perfect home for the record.


Thanks again for your time Lex Luca! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for having me, I appreciate the support!

Yes – one more thing; watch out for my new podcast OpenDAW Talks. I’ll be speaking to the top DJs, producers, artists & songwriters about their journey to success. Launching next week.

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