Shadow Wulf Releases it’s 42nd Release with “Dance With Me” EP by Roman Adam

Author : 6AM
September 08, 2023

Shadow Wulf Releases it’s 42nd Release with “Dance With Me” EP by Roman Adam

The release of “DWM – “Dance With me” – marks Shadow Wulf’s 42nd release since the label’s beginnings in 2020.

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This sledgehammer of an EP comes from the creative mind of Hamburg-based (German) producer Roman Adam, who has seen a quick and meteoric rise as an artist in dark minimal techno. Among Roman’s releases in the past two years are multiple EPs on Senso Sounds, Alula Tunes, and Subios, among others. Dance With Me (DWM) features two original tracks, “DWM” and “Custom”, and includes one remix from leading progressive psy-techno producer Luis M (Portugal). The tracks are three peak-time darkly driving techno hits, with powerful energy, catchy vocal hooks, and acid leads that bring evolution and depth to the charging and consistent rhythms. Roman has shown a strength for creating tracks that are not only dance-floor heaters, but that are also creative and captivating and stand out from the other leading names in this growing genre – these skills demonstrate a strong musical career ahead for Adam.

Roman says that “music is his constant companion”. He grew up in a very musical family and learned to play instruments at an early age. Fascinated by the world of electronic music, Roman’s journey began in 2013, when he started recording his first sets, playing DJ sets and immersing himself in the world of production. Unable to get away from it, Roman explored different styles under the pseudonym “Kuestenklatsch” and later “The Coast”, which ultimately brought him to the beginnings of his journey. His sound is characterized by rolling grooves, razor sharp sounds and relentless build ups – displaying an edgy & muscular techno style. Releases on labels such as: SENSO SOUNDS, Alula Tunes, Subios, and Shadow Wulf give glimpses of the diversity of Roman’s sound.