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6AM is an experiential and digital media platform covering all facets of underground electronic music culture, resource, technology, and lifestyle. Following our humble beginnings as a Los Angeles-based local blog and club sub-promotion company, we have since seen our global outreach, industry experience, scope and knowledge expand exponentially with each passing year.

As of today, we have organized and promoted over 1,000 events, ranging from festivals and warehouse events, to mega-clubs, intimate lounges and unique outdoor venues. In 2013 we founded Guam’s yearly Electric Island Festival, and in the past five years we have worked hand-in-hand with likeminded groups in our home-base of Los Angeles to organize cutting-edge underground electronic music events featuring some of the most in-demand acts in circulation, co-founding highly-respected event brands such as WORK, REFORM and COMPOUND.

Aside from producing events, we have helped dozens of music artists, festivals, music labels, pro-audio companies, and consumer-facing businesses reach our target demographic and ultimately “get their word out.” thanks to the digital marketing, social media, and native promotion skills we have honed in through our years of experience in the nightlife and entertainment industry.

In May of 2019 we went a step further, launching a fully-fledged techno + house apparel and merchandise Shop by 6AM, including the highly-sought after Anti Techno Techno Club line, all of which you can find at www.shopby6am.com.

Everything we do at 6AM is driven by our work-to-play mentality as well as the 10 Principles of the Electronic Music Industry.

Don’t just read what we do, please follow us on social @6amgroup to stay up to date with all our event offerings in Los Angeles and beyond, and to see how we make content marketing and social media work together to bring value to the underground electronic music community in Los Angeles, the United States and beyond.

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