Spartaque and Brennen Grey Release “Scriptio Continua” via Modular States

Author : Mark Grossane
September 08, 2023

Spartaque and Brennen Grey Release “Scriptio Continua” via Modular States

Prepare for a sonic journey like no other as two techno titans, Brennen Grey and Spartaque, join forces to deliver their latest masterpiece “Scriptio Continua.”

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Listen Now: Premiere: Spartaque, Brennen Grey “Scriptio Continua” – Modular States

Set to drop on September 8th via Modular States, this techno release is a testament to their unparalleled production prowess.

Brennen Grey’s signature atmospheric elements blend seamlessly with Spartaque’s driving rhythms, creating an immersive landscape that resonates with the spirit of the dance floor. “Scriptio Continua” is a sonic saga that unfolds with every beat, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its relentless energy.

Stay tuned for “Scriptio Continua” — a collaboration that sets a new standard for techno excellence.

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