Spartaque on His New EP, ‘Cross the Line,’ and the Future of Techno

Author : Mark Grossane
July 28, 2023

Spartaque on His New EP, ‘Cross the Line,’ and the Future of Techno

More and more the world of dance music is changing every year: It is complemented by new names, new characters, new styles, and trends. In this impetuous flow it is very important for an artist not to lose the guiding line that once was a start of a wonderful DJ’s and sound producer’s life. Precisely this distinguishes Spartaque among many names, and his name has been a matter of respect and admiration for hundred and thousands of clubbers and other artists for many years.

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During Spartaque’s career, his name has been overgrown with interesting stories and legends, retelling which would have taken several chapters or even an entire book. However the essence remains the same- Its hard to imagine the club culture and the world of techno without this performer.

Spartaque takes time to talk to SIX AM about his new label project “Modular States” and how he wants to bridge the gap between the EU and American techno worlds.

Spartaque, it’s fantastic to have you with us today, especially with the recent launch of your new imprint ‘Modular States’. Can you shed some light on how you came up with the ‘Modular States’ and its significance?

During a conversation with my business partner about my US tour, we realized the potential for a techno label targeting the American market. As the naming brainstorm began, I used ChatGPT for suggestions. Among the ten ideas it generated, ‘Modular States’ resonated most. Within minutes, with the help of AI, we had a striking name and logo to go with it.

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The creation of Modular States seems inspired by cultural diversity. Can you expand on the vision you have for this label?

Absolutely. My recent US tours revealed an untapped pool of techno talents. There are American artists with significant local influence but unknown in Europe. Modular States aims to bridge this gap, fostering intercontinental collaborations between European and American artists. In essence, this label will symbolize the techno harmony between the two continents.

How does this new venture differ from your other label, Codex?

Codex remains IAMT Music’s flagship techno label, reflecting my future vision and our artist development strategies. On the other hand, Modular States has a distinct geographical focus, blending sounds across the Atlantic. While musically they might overlap, their missions are different.

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What can fans anticipate from Modular States in terms of releases this year? Any particular artists we should watch out for?

We’re beginning with Brennen Grey, a prominent American techno figure. Collaborations with artists like Saint Velez and Marie Vaunt are in the pipeline, with my remixes added to them. I’m also collaborating with Atroxx and Crossbow. Through Modular States, I aim to unearth many hidden American techno gems.

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You recently unveiled a 5-track EP, ‘Cross the Line.’ What inspired this compilation?

This EP encapsulates my techno ideology, a fusion of peak time and hard techno elements. After successfully executing this blend during live sets, we decided it was ripe for an EP release.

Given your extensive experience in the industry, how do you perceive the techno trends in the US and Europe, and where do you see it heading?

The US techno scene is rapidly aligning with Europe, with hard techno emerging as a prominent genre. However, visa restrictions in the US challenge the migration of European underground sounds. Smaller European artists, instrumental in shaping the underground scene, find it tough to penetrate the US market. But, rapid global trend adoption, as evident in hard techno’s popularity, is undeniable. As a veteran DJ and label owner, I observe genre evolution stages: underground emergence, rise, peak, and decline. It’s essential to continuously monitor the scene for evolving trends.

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Are there plans for Modular States events in the pipeline?

Certainly! Events amplify label influence, and Modular States is no exception. We’re plotting for 2024, prioritizing initial releases to build the brand. Once established, we’ll transition to event planning.

How is 2023 shaping up for you, and what keeps your enthusiasm alive?

It’s a whirlwind! Apart from label expansions, we’re focusing on Codex and planning showcases across Germany. My tour in Asia and the US is imminent, coupled with numerous track releases. On a personal note, I’m introducing my 8-year-old daughter to her first festival this summer – a thrilling milestone!

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