Techno Nirvana: Your Top Tracks and Guide for Yoga and Techno

yoga nirvana
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
February 14, 2023

Techno Nirvana: Your Top Tracks and Guide for Yoga and Techno

Yoga and techno — an unexpected duo that can you give the best of both worlds: dance and inner peace. By definition, yoga is a Hindu theistic system of physical postures, breathing techniques, as well as meditation — and, from the teachings of Buddha, the discipline of yoga can lead to spiritual freedom — spiritual freedom that we know as “Nirvana”. Ironically, within the scene of techno, rave culture, clubbing culture, and so on forth, Nirvana is not an unknown concept on the dancefloor — in fact, within these various realms of dance and freedom, Nirvana is physically experienced through psychedelics, shrooms, MDMA, alcohol, and various unhealthy practices.

So, all this to say, is that techno and yoga do make sense ironically — however; on this search for Nirvana, we’re not going to partake in a culture of pill-popping and pre-gaming, but rather a healthier way of achieving Nirvana.

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Before we get into this unique subculture of yoga in techno, first let me debrief you on the different types of yoga that can adhere to whatever you’re looking for in your mindfulness journey. Fact: Yoga doesn’t always have to center around hand-stands and chanting oms. It can literally be anything…and I mean, anything.

From Chakra, Steamy Studios, to Dogs — Your Yoga Aesthetic

What I love about yoga is that it can be experienced in different ways and cater to your own wants and needs during your health journey. Want to experience yoga at the same time while being steamed up in a 92-105°F  (33-40°C) studio? — check out Hot Yoga. Need to channel your spiritual and physical energy? — Kundalini Yoga is all about releasing negative thinking and stress that is trapped or coiled in your lower spine. Want to pair a HIIT workout with some yoga elements? — well, Power Yoga incorporates all the best elements of Vinyasa and Ashtanga that can be either quick or slow in pace.

And of course, if you’re an eclectic lover of trying different things, you can also try animal yoga — or “Doga” for example, is a type of yoga that combines yoga and dogs where there are aspects of animal bonding and some aspects of pet massage — the concept was created by Suzi Teitelman, a Jacksonville yoga teacher.

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The “Footing” of Yoga in Techno

When yoga is paired with techno, it shifts into a fun and alternative method in contrast to traditional yoga. Pose-wise, yoga and techno combined are incorporated elements of dancing, stretching, and the overall release of tension and stress. To get a good example of this check out “Techno Yoga”.

Watch: What Is Techno Yoga? — My Kinda Yoga

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Now that we have a basic understanding of how techno works in a yoga setting, let’s get into how the movements and rhythmic postures are conveyed within this exercise. If you need a visualizer of how techno culture is meditatively emphasized within yoga movements, the video below highlights how this kind of yoga style is more than just dancing in between poses and stretches — it also conveys the live and freeing experience (both mentally and physically) that comes with being a part of the techno community and club scene. After all, one of the best ways to feel alive while participating in any techno event is by incorporating an actual DJ performance — which is similarly incorporated in a yoga studio (though, not as hardcore as an actual techno event).

10 Techno Tracks for Your Yoga Side

Ok, now you’ve got an understanding of what to expect in a yoga studio once techno music is thrown in the mix (pun intended). Now, the fun begins here. One thing you’ll find that all of these techno tracks have in common is one thing, and one thing only — ambiance. I mean, it’s not yoga without ambient music; however, not all ambient music is made equal, so expect each of these ambient tracks to include elements of Atmospheric, Progressive, Acid, Deep, Dark, and Dub.

Alright, enough talk and gab. Time to lay out your yoga mat, foam/cork block, and towel. Get into Savasana (Corpse Pose), de-clutter your mind into nothingness, and let’s get into the tracks you need to make this yoga session worthwhile.

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Intro: Warm-Up and Let Loose

With any at-home yoga session or exercise you do, you don’t want to just jump right into the course of action. Prior stretching and warm-ups are always imperative to prevent muscle tension, tears, and accidents. Note: Yoga may appear as an easy method of exercise, but it does include a lot of prolonged holding of stretches and usually tedious mobility, even with beginner/easy yoga.

With that said, warm-ups are not my favorite by any means; however, they can be a lot more manageable with the right tracks in place. These selected tracks by Yotto, Stephen Jolk, Asten, Maceo Plex, Gabriel Ananda, and Van Der Meer all incorporate mild, ambient elements that match well with mild movements, light stretches, and of course, intro meditation/gratitude.

Listen: Asten “Sick” – Aura Music

Listen: Maceo Plex & Gabriel Ananda “Solitary Daze” – Ellum Audio

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Midway: Feel the Burn and Rhythm

Alright, you’re just now leaving the simple stretches and mild meditative poses, and you’re now entering the fun part — the dancing. This stage can also include elements of Power Yoga and be mid-to-quick-paced and sweat-worthy as well if you prefer more of a challenge. Tracks I find best fitted for this stage are ones that are Ambient, Peaktime, Atmospheric, and Underground.

These specific tracks from Faster Horses, Eli Brown, The Acid Mind, Kodeloop, and I Hate Models all rhythmically merge well within this stage, and definitely set a cohesive tone of “this is a rave, but a relaxing rave.” So yes, feel the burn, but remember this is stil a form of yoga — so relax, stretch, breathe, and don’t overthink your movement.

Listen: Faster Horses “Transitional Outwear” – Seikan

Listen: Eli Brown “Escape” – Factory 93

Listen: The Acid Mind & Kodeloop “S.O.S” – Revised Records

Listen: I Hate Models “Daydream” – ARTS

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Final: Relax, Stretch, and Wind Down

As noted at the beginning of the”Intro: Warm-Up and Let Loose” stage, stretching is imperative for yoga and any form of exercise — this same practice should also be implemented during the ending/cool-down process as well. After all, your muscles went through a lot holding you together — why wouldn’t you show them some TLC with some restorative stretching?

Chill, Ambient, and Dub-oriented tracks are going to be your go-to when it comes to concluding an upbeat session. Of course, you can always pick your preferred ambient tracks to wind down to, since ambient techno can have various ranges in BPM.  This ambient-dub track from Subset is a great way to end your yoga poses with restorative stretching. Next, the relaxing pop-ambient track from Ulf Lohmann concludes the overall yoga session and pairs very well with three of my preferred closing poses: Balasana (Child’s Pose), Savasana (Corpse Pose), Siddhasana (Perfect Pose), and of course mindful/gratitude meditation.

Listen: Subset “Eureka St” – Deeptakt Records

Listen: Ulf Lohmann “Java” – Kompakt

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Nirvana in Yoga and Techno: Your Well-Being Is…to Be Well

As mentioned earlier, Nirvana is spiritual freedom that can come from the discipline of yoga. So, how would you define your discipline of yoga? Since the 21st century, yoga has shifted into various styles and types — and here we are in 2023 with the concept of techno in yoga, Doga (aka Dog Yoga), and even yoga for children.

As someone who does yoga from time to time, my discipline in yoga to finding Nirvana will be a different journey than the stranger next to me in a yoga studio. But, I will say that the common footing (pun intended) that we yoga aficionados share is that we all want to find Nirvana through pushing our boundaries in some way shape, or form — boundaries of the mind, body, and/or spirit.

In regards to techno and yoga, specifically, finding your own Nirvana will be your own journey that not even I or another yoga instructor can teach, but I hope that this piece can act as a helpful guide as to where you can begin to find your Nirvana in yoga, even if the type of yoga is “eccentric” and non-traditional.

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The main takeaway is that yoga as a whole should be an uplifting experience that brings you closer to your own inner peace and fulfillment. If dancing it out to a live DJ set in a yoga class brings about genuine and uplifting emotions, then don’t stress about the end goal of achieving Nirvana through discipline. Note: True discipline for yoga is the art of letting go and not disciplining. Nirvana finds you through relinquishing control. A difficult lesson to follow, but not impossible with the right music, the right mindset, and even the right dance moves while you’re vibing in Bharmanasana (Table Top Pose) or Utkatasana (Chair Pose).

If health and wellness are of interest to you, and you’re looking for more house and techno tracks to add to your health, wellness, and workout journey, be sure to check out our updated House +Techno Fresh Finds Spotify Playlist where we feature music from some of the best-emerging house and techno artists from around the world.

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