Slingshot Festival Returns in May and October 2022

Slingshot Festival
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
March 28, 2022

Slingshot Festival Returns in May and October 2022

Slingshot, the international nexus for music, electronic art, and technology in the South, has moved from Athens, GA to the up-and-coming music hotbed of Durham, NC, with two events slated for 2022: May 8, 13 and 14, and October 7-9. Dozens of artists and collectives will convene to showcase their work in a setting that has become a signature of creativity in the South. Over the years, Slingshot has hosted dozens of notables such as James Murphy, Jamie XX, Holly Herndon, and dozens of sound and visual artists from many corners of the globe.

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In Oct. 2021, the festival featured music from leaders in electronic music nationally and regionally, including legendary techno artist Juan Atkins from Detroit, fusing tribal rhythms with synths Debit (aka Delia Beatriz), and singer-songwriter Washed Out.

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This year, the festival will be hosting a full range of downtempo, club music, and hard techno from the legend Carl Craig, UK-based composer DJ Barker (performing both a live and DJ set), producer Aurora Halal, the D.C.-based collective Black Rave Culture, Volvox, Lady Starlight, and L.A.’s Introspekt, and British composer/producer Andy Stott.


Slingshot Festival

Additionally, Nick Boyd (originally from Winston-Salem) of Sorry Records and Rose Kourts (from Charlotte) will also return to their home state of North Carolina, bearing the standard of the new sound of club music that will be coalescing on the East Coast. Slingshot will also host an ambient music-specific program featuring ULLA, and a host of modular synthesists and masters of the ambient genre.

Apart from beats and techno, composer Debit will also perform her recently lauded record combining Mayan flutes with artificial intelligence programs this year, as well as chillwave singer-songwriter, Washed Out.

Overall, Slingshot is continuing its mission to connect forward-thinking artists from all over the globe, and expanding its lineup for its traditionally diverse and open-eared audience.

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