Music Venues & Nightclubs At Risk of Closing Permanently by End of 2020

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Author : Daisy Magana
November 06, 2020

Music Venues & Nightclubs At Risk of Closing Permanently by End of 2020

Electronic music artists have been struggling to stay afloat this year because of COVID-19. There’s been a lack of government help within the music industry, and at times, administrations have suggested artists find new jobs. What about the places musical artists would play each weekend? What’s going on with them? Without additional financial help throughout the end of the year, music venues and nightclubs are at risk of closing permanently, and some already have. While some have found ways to keep the lights, for how much longer can they serve as art galleries or as a dining option?

Venues are forecast to lose up to $8.9 billion of revenue if the rest of 2020 were to remain dark.


Entertainment spaces have also felt the shock of the pandemic and some have been able to pivot their business operations. Famous Berlin techno club Berghain recently re-opened to host art shows in its outside garden section. Academy LA’s outdoor section once home to an eclectic mix of DJs has been converted to an outdoor dining space. Then there are the exceptions. Those who’ve been able to reopen their doors for club functions at reduced capacity like Miami’s Club Space, with those able to attend paying table prices prompting a question of whether clubbing during COVID-19 is only for the rich. With no clear direction from the country’s government for managing business operations during COVID-19, it’s like the Wild Wild West where everyone is left to figure it out.


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Up to 90 percent of U.S.  Music Venues & Nightclubs Could Be Closing Forever Without Help


The Troubadour

LA’s The Troubadour is one of many live music venues and nightclubs closing if no additional aid is provided (Mike Nelson / EPA)

The public seems to be doing a government job in mobilizing to save the live music and nightlife industry. Residents in major U.S. cities like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles have created GoFundMe pages for live music venues. Venues alike artists have also taken it upon themselves to gather funds and creating pledges.

If these music venues shut down permanently it’d also affect a city’s economy. Think about how everything is connected. When people go to a show you spend on transportation, food, and drink on top of the jobs they create. Vendors ranging from security and production to merchandise and on-site staffing at these shows. These businesses are economic drivers yet little to no funds have been allocated for their survival.

With less than two months left in the year, various underground nightclubs remain temporarily closed due to the pandemic including:

  • Bang Bang (San Diego)
  • Smartbar (Chicago)
  • Spybar (Chicago)
  • Heart Nightclub (Miami)
  • Halycon (San Francisco)
  • Spin Nightclub (San Diego)
  • Q Nightclub (Seattle)
Below is a list of pledges and GoFundMe pages you can support to help prevent more live music venues and nightclubs from closing:
A partial list of permanently closed music venues and nightclubs  (via Billboard)


  • Tangled String Studios in Huntsville


  • The Greenroom in Flagstaff
  • Chicago Bar in Tucson


  • The Satellite in Los Angeles
  • Slim’s in San Francisco
  • The Graduate in San Luis Obispo
  • The Uptown in Oakland
  • Starline Social Club in Oakland (up for sale)


  • The Henry Strater Theatre in Durango
  • Intrinzik in Montrose
  • 3 Kings Tavern in Denver
  • Live @ Jack’s in Denver
  • Le Cour Denver’s Art Bar in Denver
  • Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins
  • Local 46 in Denver


  • MAC650 in Middletown


  • The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton


  • The Vista Room in Decatur
  • The Jinx 912 in Savannah
  • The Music Room in Atlanta
  • The Country Club Dancehall & Saloon in Augusta


  • IO Theater in Chicago


  • The Mill in Iowa City
  • Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines


  • Kanza Hall in Kansas City


Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington


  • Port City Music Hall in Portland


  • The Soundry in Columbia


  • Great Scott (AEG) in Boston
  • The C Note in Hull
  • Thunder Road Music Club in Somerville
  • Bull McCabe’s in Somerville
  • The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge (up for sale)
  • Studio at 550 in Cambridge (relocating to unidentified location)


  • Majestic Theatre in Detroit (up for sale)
  • Magic Stick Music Venue in Detroit (up for sale)


  • Honey in Minneapolis


  • The Ready Room in St. Louis

New York

  • Upright Citizens Brigade in New York
  • Burgundy Basin in Pittsford
  • Shetler Studios in New York
  • The Well in Bushwick
  • Copacabana in New York

North Carolina

  • The Mothlight in West Asheville
  • THE BLOCK off biltmore in Asheville


  • Wolf Den in Cleveland
  • Thursday’s Lounge in Akron
  • Stella’s Music Club in Cleveland


  • Brillobox in Pittsburgh
  • Warmdaddy’s in Philadelphia
  • Chameleon Club in Lancaster
  • The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh


  • Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville
  • Songbirds in Chattanooga
  • The Willow Tree in Johnson City
  • Midtown Crossing Grill in Memphis


  • Lizard Lounge in Dallas
  • Threadgill’s in Austin
  • Shady Grove in Austin
  • Republic Country Club and BBQ in Houston
  • The Blue Light in Dallas
  • Gas Monkey Live in Dallas
  • Barracuda in Austin
  • Plush in Austin
  • Scratchouse in Austin
  • Blue Light Dallas in Dallas
  • Tomcats West in Dallas
  • Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon in Spring
  • The North Door in Austin
  • The Townsend in Austin
  • One-2-One Bar in Austin


  • Re-bar in Seattle
  • The Firefly Lounge in Bellingham
  • Tony V’s Garage in Everett
  • The Swiss in Tacoma
  • Louie G’s in Fife
  • The Pin in Spokane


  • Fire on Water in Milwaukee
  • Underground Collaborative in Milwaukee
  • Up & Under in Milwaukee
  • The Riverwest Public House Cooperative in Milwaukee

Washington, D.C.

  • Eighteenth Street Lounge
  • Twins Jazz
  • U Street Music Hall