Gibran: From Drummer to DJ and Producer

Author : Mark Grossane
August 08, 2023

Gibran: From Drummer to DJ and Producer

Gibran is a dynamic house DJ and a master of the drums. Born and raised in the vibrant city of New Orleans, he first gained recognition as a drummer, supporting Imagine Dragons and Awolnation on a worldwide tour. In 2014, he expanded his passions and creativity in music by embarking on a new artistic path as a DJ.

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Combining his expertise in drumming with the infectious allure of house music, Gibran quickly gained recognition for his seamless transitions, infectious energy, and captivating stage presence. With his innate ability to read the crowd and an uncanny knack for selecting the perfect track, he seamlessly blends the rhythmic beats of the drums with infectious house grooves, creating an electrifying and unforgettable experience on the dance floor.

Gibran takes time to talk to SIX AM about his transition from drummer to producer/DJ, New Orleans, and his recently released debut single.

Hi GIBRAN! Thanks so much for talking to SIX AM. How are you doing?

I’m doing well, Currently, I’m enjoying my cup of coffee amidst the misty morning in the charming city of New Orleans.

Being born and raised in the vibrant city of New Orleans, how has the city’s rich and diverse musical scene influenced your style and creativity as a DJ and producer? How do you draw from the unique house music scene in New Orleans to create your music?

New Orleans is a unique city, with entertainment and music around you at all times. We all know this city is the birth of jazz, but there is a lot more than that now. My creativity and inspiration as a producer and DJ is inspired by all kinds of music genres, whether it’s jazz or electornic music. 2 years ago I started attending an event by Dr.Romance and Pure Entertianment. These guys are developing a powerful tech house music scene that continues to grow. It inspired me to get back into djing and producing tracks.

Fun fact you were actually a drummer before jumping to electronic music. What inspired you, to make the transition from being a skilled drummer to exploring the world of electronic dance music as a DJ/producer? How did this evolution impact your artistic journey?

As a musician and DJ, you get inspired by environments, life changes, and music tastes. I have always been into electronic music, especially living in London for 8 years. Bass and drums are the powerhouse instruments for house tracks. I thought, why not add these elements to electronic music.

As you honed your craft, what aspects of your expertise in drumming did you incorporate into your DJ sets to create an electrifying and unforgettable experience on the dance floor?

Since drumming is my main instrument, I like to add real drums, sounds, and percussions to my productions. Having that skill of drumming is a blessing when you are crafting beats and rhythms to your productions, so that was a huge advantage when I started to craft tech house tracks.

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Supporting Imagine Dragons and Awolnation on a worldwide tour as a drummer must have been an incredible experience. How did this opportunity shape your musical direction and lead you to pursue a new artistic path as a DJ?

That was a life-changing experience. I have always been into so many music genres throughout my life. Electronic and house music has always been one of them. Going on a tour like that opens your eyes to other things beyond your artistic vision. After this big tour, I played in many other bands. Every band I joined, more electronics, sample pads, mixers were around me. It then inspired me to pick up the dj decks.

Your recent debut single, “Kiss Like This,” is eagerly anticipated. Can you share more about the inspiration behind the track and the collaborative process with Lana Scolaro? What makes this tech house track stand out in the music scene?

I am very excited about this debut single. It was inspired by being immersed in a club filled with lust, flirtation, and heat. The track was finished without vocals, and I thought of of having some dark poppy, sexy, and energizing vocals that fits with the groove. When I reached out to Lana Scolaro, she sent me back some vocal ideas, and I was hooked. The track was created smoothly, and I felt the need to release it as my debut track with Lana. Some have called it too “poppy” but I feel like its a refreshing sound that many people outside of the tech house scene can enjoy.

Thanks so much for taking the time for our audience. Is there anything else you’d like to share or that’s on the horizon for you?

This was a good time, thank you. Please give me a follow on Instagram and lets connect! You can also find the track on Spotify, and give me a follow for future news and updates from my side of the world.

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