Alex Dolby Celebrates 10 Years of His Affekt Recordings Imprint

Alex Dolby
Author : Kevin Ching
August 09, 2023

Alex Dolby Celebrates 10 Years of His Affekt Recordings Imprint

Italy’s experienced techno titan Alex Dolby celebrates 10 Years of his Affekt Recordings imprint that has welcomed artists from all corners of the globe to contribute to such an epic milestone. Formerly running the renowned hotbed club that shares the same name, Affekt has continued its musical journey and progression with a keen eye on the underground scene, supporting new talent and established artists under its roof.

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The mammoth release ’10 Years of Affekt’ comes with a substantial 33-track collection of outstanding creations that includes 7 unreleased works and 24 from the historic back catalogue. With such a large choice and diverse styles on show, we dug into the pack and have picked out some of our favourite offerings.

The label head honcho Alex Dolby has a few stellar tracks in this compilation such as the crazy “Lunatic Boost” that shows his expertise as a producer who can morph sounds into new techno explorations. The tough and sporadic kick pattern is in essence a broken beat yet still techno with a wealth of character and spinning analogue accents.

Others for example, from Argentina’s Joaquin Ruiz titled “Visions” is a dark and swirling, abstract, percussion workout. Divide & Oisel are an Italian duo and “Ciclo 3” brings in a quirky and funky broken beat with sweeping highs and white noise textures that create a wonderful atmosphere. The enigmatic Jonas Kopp’s “Concrete 2” has a strange, stripped-back approach with a bouncing tom and dancing, poignant melodic overtone. ASKE’s “Zyklon” is a straight driving monster with spooky tones and a rubbery bassline throwing it into a wild territory.

We are told the colossal compilation has picked up a huge wave of support from artists such as The Advent, Marcel Dettmann, Arnaud Le Texier, Truncate and Arjun Vagale which is a telling seal of approval in our book and we strongly advise to check out the whole release.

You can pick up a copy HERE.