6AM Guest Mix: LeDuq

Guest Mix Leduq
Author : Kevin Ching
March 28, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: LeDuq

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Catalonia, Leduq aka A Rebel Bunnie is a performer, dj, producer. Co-creator of the pandemic trans rave “tRAVEsti” (travesti meaning drag in spanish), their dj sets are hyper energetic performances reclaiming the rave as a political space of queer freedom of expression, for both artist and audience.

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For (S)PUNK VOL.1, they dive, with the apt title “Rebel·lia” (Rebellion in Catalan), into a slow-burning tense and moody EDM track that throbs with a snarling, growling bassline like the growing pressure of social discontent.

“This podcast is very special to me because musically speaking it’s about what my home HOUSE OF (S)PUNK represents to me. The mix revolves around the 5 tracks of the first compilation of the label, which is the result of a dream and it was essential that each track had its representation in the mix, even tho it has been a challenge in terms of my sound and breaking out of my comfort zone, I hope you like it as much as I enjoy doing it.” – LeDuq

Track Listing:
Diving In The Club (Feat. Dotes de Vito) – Manel De Aguas / (House Of (S)Punk)
Golden Hour – Thomas Schumacher
Into Your Counciousness – Flug
Rebel·lia – LeDuq / (House Of (S)Punk)
Take Two – REMY-X
Happy Rave – Leonard de Leonard & Modig
Toxic – Britney Spears (Lobsta B Remix)
Meet her at the 4X4 – Gustav:s
Leone Ruhe – Inhalt Der Nacht & Echo
Who Dat – AC2 / (House Of (S)Punk)
Mind The Step – La Frachieur & Leonard De Leonard
Acid Affair – Regal & Alien Rain
Entwined – Indepth System Error – i_o
2099 – Sahil3nce (Unreleased)
Robotika – Drazzit / (House Of (S)Punk)
Understate – Arweenn
Interferon – No trust
Not a Goodbye- Lola Kay / (House Of (S)Punk)

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