Why I Talk So Much…

Author : 6AM
August 17, 2023

Why I Talk So Much…

Lately, I have been vomiting more than just bad Trader Joe salads but I’ve also been vomiting a lot of words out being on several podcasts (such as this latest one with Elevated Frequencies) as well as showing up on your instagram feed telling you to shut the fuck up  (the irony lol) or writing blog posts saying we’re all gonna die (it’s true tho!)

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One cannot deny the fact that I’ve been talking a lot of shit in all platforms and here is the reason why I’ve been talking a lot and I won’t be stopping anytime soon

Between the years of 2006 through 2018 I held my tongue back A LOT meaning I was the one who just shut the fuck up and grinded my way through simply because I was learning, growing, adapting, reflecting, working, failing, failing, failing, and pushing towards my goals and dreams no matter what the obstacles were. I didn’t have the time to talk nor did I have the experience, knowledge, and perspective to share anything valuable.

When I finally broke my silence around 2019 (13-years in the game and 11-years since starting SIX AM) during the launch of ArtistMap , our mindset school for electronic music artists, did I realize I was holding back on a lot of really good and actionable information and insight that could actually help people in this community.

Once I realize that through all my failures, pains, gains, and the experience I now have that I was holding on to information others can benefit from. That was the day I decided I will not be silent anymore despite my lack of writing skills, my lack of online presence, my fear of judgment by my own people, and my crazy looking gapped-chipped teeth that protrudes every time I spoke in camera :D

You think I am really that unaware how I come across when I put myself out there? You gotta be kidding to think I don’t have the same feelings and fear but the trick is to focus on the one person you know you will be helping by not holding back and by not being silent.

TODAY – I KNOW YOU have something valuable to share with this world. Whether it’s your music, your artwork, or your positive perspective or an experience (good or bad) you want to share that can help others. I strongly encourage you to share them with the world if they come from your heart and if it’s important to you. DO NOT hold back just because you’re scared or you’re unsure.

Many of the things I write and share here at SIX AM are based on the fact that I “DON’T KNOW” how this will help but I know it’s a good piece of information that came from my heart (and experience) that I know can help somebody (one person) in this community. With that in mind, I find peace in writing, in talking, and in sharing my thoughts/perspective/experience with the electronic music community.

This is WHY I talk so much these days and will continue to talk with the intention to share information and perspectives that can help others. Talking just to talk is annoying AF, but talking to help improve the world? Let that shit rip all day….

All my love to you, and I hope to see you on the dancefloor