UMEK Returns to 1605 with Matteo Vitanza

Author : 6AM
August 29, 2023

UMEK Returns to 1605 with Matteo Vitanza

UMEK is back on his label 1605 with another bone-rattling techno release that reminds us why he is one of techno’s most respected producers. This time he is teaming up with Matteo Vitanza who is a young producer that has made waves with releases on labels like Codex and Respekt.

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They have teamed up to produce a peak time techno track that samples the same vocals used in Moby’s old-school anthem “Natural Blues.” The vocals are from a 1937 track by Vera Hall called “Trouble So Hard” and this techno version keeps the same title.

Anyone who is familiar with Moby’s album ‘Play’ will instantly recognise the vocals, which in this track by UMEK and Matteo Vitanza, have been reimagined into a whole new beast.

“Trouble So Hard” is the only track on this release and it opens with a pulsating bassline that’s cut by the punch of the kick drum to create a high-paced groove. It teases snippets of the vocal as it progresses towards the main breakdown section where sweeping pads fuse with the vocals to deliver a hands in the air moment before the track erupts with acid synths.

You can buy the release from HERE.