Relentless and Unapologetic, J. Worra Goes Full Speed Ahead

Author : Daisy Magana
September 17, 2020

Relentless and Unapologetic, J. Worra Goes Full Speed Ahead

“I started taking on the perspective of ‘this is my art that I’m sharing’ vs. ‘I hope people like this,'” says J. Worra (real name Jamie Sitter). When it comes to the music industry, it takes a strong mindset. “I remember I was typing out a tweet and it said ‘Can’t wait for this next release. I hope you guys like it,’” she goes onto explain. “In my mind, I was like ‘Why am I saying I hope you guys like my art? I should be saying ‘Enjoy this. It’s a piece of me.” This shift in mindset has allowed J. Worra to give space in her music for creativity to flow and has helped her in viewing life differently during the pandemic.

Giving Creativity Space While Keeping a Steady Pace

Early in her career, Sitter won various DJ competitions for Groove Cruise and Spring Awakening Music Festival opening the doors to club shows and notable festivals. With no need for club bangers, she like many other artists are treading off the beaten path. “I’ve been able to look at music a lot differently because of quarantine,” shares Sitter. “I’ve taken myself out of the headspace of just making tracks for the club, and started making music that I wanted to make, sit down and write. I’m really excited about the direction that I kind of been pushed and inspired to go through the lockdown. It’s made me focus more on my workflow.” She’s channeling her energy into productions to help create a sense of excitement for others during the pandemic. Her latest records “So Excited” and “Do It This Way” were both produced when lockdown first started.

Knowing that music is a safe space she’s taking liberties with a genre that is welcoming of all: house music. “The beauty of house music and electronic music is that you have the ability to toe different lines,” says Sitter. “I just look at all the music I make as an expression of the kind of art that I have in my head.” Determined to stay true to herself and dedicative to her craft, Sitter has been working long and hard to get “her” sound.” I just want to make sure that I’m staying true to the things I like to do.

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Always on the Go, Creating Possibilities

“I definitely give myself those moments to reflect,” says J. Worra when it comes to receiving support from top artists including Diplo and Oliver Heldens. “A lot of times I’m just really focused on the next thing I’m writing, doing and am excited about.” During not-so-exciting times, J. Worra has created her own excitement working on different projects. With four upcoming remixes with Black V Neck, Kyle Watson, GRiZ and Elohim, it’s clear that J. Worra’s studio time is paying off. Her focus and drive have helped her push through COVID-19. “It’s always fun to remix somebody’s track and kind of put a different vision on it,” says Sitter. “I’m lucky in a sense where I’m at the point now where artists are reaching out to me to ask for remixes. That’s a big statement to make because that’s them saying ‘I love your work, and I want you to put your stamp on this record.'” With nods of approval from her peers, Sitter’s music is playing at full blast.

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