Premiere: Listen to Oliver Deutschmann’s “19” from KR/LF Records’ Forthcoming “Saturn Phases” 24 Track Techno Compilation

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 14, 2018

Premiere: Listen to Oliver Deutschmann’s “19” from KR/LF Records’ Forthcoming “Saturn Phases” 24 Track Techno Compilation

KR/LF also known as Kill Ref Low Frequencies, is a label platform created by the Italian artist Kill Ref. With a mission to break new ground and share a love for a variety of sounds, since its inception in 2016 it has featured artist contributions from Oliver Rosemann, Endlec, Binny, Developer, Charlton, Coefficient, and Gotshell for example.

Saturn Phases is a 24 track compilation that has been split into 3 equal parts, each containing 8 tracks. Each part will be available on dubplate LP vinyl and also on Bandcamp, along with a limited edition mix CD version recorded by Kill Ref, the label boss himself.

Today we are premiering Oliver Deutschmann’s “19” from the compilation.

This is only the fourth catalogue release for KR/LF, and the hugely ambitious project also comes with the backing from many talented artists. Oliver Deutschmann, Under Black Helmet, Ben Gibson, Patrik Skoog, Housemeister, Dez Williams, In Bad Hands (premiere of Mental Resonance new moniker), The Noisemaker, and Progression (UK) all appear on the tracklist, amongst many returning producers previously featured.

Variation is the key here, where the music incorporated ranges from techno to electro and everything in between. Tough, raw, gritty, analogue sounds with a modular feel, acid influence, aggression, and artistic precision across the board.

A masterful package that is set to not only make an impact, but become a seminal release of inspiration, showcasing what is achievable with a stern self belief and harnessing the moment.


KRLF004-1 – Saturn Phases Part 1

01. Unidentified Flying Poetry – Prepare Us For Space
02. Oliver Deutschmann – 19
03. Ben Gibson – Infiltration
04. Jokasti & Nek – Sinusoid
05. Endlec – Touch Of Evil
06. In Bad Hands – Be Yourself
07. Under Black Helmet – Perpetrate
08. Dez Williams – Sustaining Self

KRLF004-2 – Saturn Phases Part 2

01. Gotshell – Iniridia
02. Progression (UK) – Everyone Drops A Clanger
03. Swarm Intelligence – Seak
04. Oliver Rosemann – Gumption
05. Patrik Skoog – Rodinia
06. Endlec – Path Of The Brave
07. Coefficient – Euler Transform
08. DJ-309 – Infatuation

KRLF004-3 – Saturn Phases Part 3

01. The Noisemaker – Smell
02. Jokasti & Nek – Thought It Was Water
03. In Bad Hands – All We Had (EBM Vision)
04. DJ-309 – Defend His Thoughts
05. Dez Williams – Kermitronikum
06. Housemeister – Voices
07. Binny – Search
08. Chris Moss Acid – Melter

Part I of the compilation is available on the label’s Bandcamp page

Part II and III are scheduled for March 30th release