Juliet Fox Celebrates One Year of TREGAMBE

juliet fox tregambe
Author : Daisy Magana
November 30, 2021

Juliet Fox Celebrates One Year of TREGAMBE

The multi-talented artist, Juliet Fox has had a professional musical background from the beginning. She studied guitar and piano at a young age. Then she evolved into becoming one of the most talented DJ and producers in the techno scene. A year ago, Juliet Fox launched her own label TREGAMBE that gives her the opportunity to dive deeper into her family heritage through music and artwork. Each album artwork is her own creations using acrylic on canvas, personalizing her own imprint even further.

6AM Premiere: Juliet Fox “Silence Speaks” – TREGAMBE

Her fourth release Wanna Dance on TREGAMBE is a two-track EP that expresses her dark energy. The unique track “Silence Speaks” is a mix of different rhythms and trippy realms of all hardcore beats. Having multiple levels of bass and dark energy throughout every chord.

Words from Juliet Fox:

“This EP is another one that’s ripped from the lockdown experience in Berlin, everybody in the clubbing community wanted back at it, back in their spot at whichever club they called home for the weekend. ‘Wanna Dance’ speaks to that need that clubbers all share. We wanted to dance hard, needed it, and it’s a sentiment that techno heads from all over can really relate to.”


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