Isoskeles Releases a 2 track Dark Industrial EP on Brace Brace

Author : 6AM
August 23, 2023

Isoskeles Releases a 2 track Dark Industrial EP on Brace Brace

Brace Brace is a record label project from the same team behind the Brace Brace events and video casts, which has played host to the likes of Thomas Schumacher.
Isoskeles is a Greek artist who co-founded Brace Brace, and the record label’s new release features two of his original tracks, which are dark and industrial with hard-hitting percussion.

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Christos Vlachakis aka Isoskeles is currently based in Berlin, and his personal style is on full display with the high-quality production of these tracks. This is his second time releasing on Brace Brace, and it’s also his second ever official release. The release opens with the EP’s title track “Fired Self Employed” that has a machine-driven sound with thickset percussion and a rumbling bassline. Its aggressive energy is augmented with weighty stabs that add to the stomping groove.

“Gut Feeling” is second on the release, and it’s got dystopian atmospherics combined with menacing lead synths that lead to a tension building breakdown section. It’s an eerie track with an ominous mood that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Buy a copy of the release HERE.