Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 096 feat. Pablo Bolívar Live at R33 Barcelona

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 16, 2018

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 096 feat. Pablo Bolívar Live at R33 Barcelona

This week’s GVR episode comes from Spanish producer and DJ Pablo Bolívar, who was born in Santander and is now based in Barcelona.

The Spaniard has gone from strength to strength throughout his career, with releases on Regular, as well as on Curle Recordings, Galaktika Records, Desolat, Justified Cause as well as via his own labels, Seven Villas and Avantroots, also remixing the likes of Gui Boratto, Mario Basanov, When Saints Go Machine, Gorge, Parov Stelar or Juana Molina to name a few.

Listen to the mix below, download it for FREE here and read on for our exclusive chat with Pablo, which dates back to the December Christmas period.

Hola Pablo, que tal?

Todo bien chicos, un gusto poder charlar con vosotros.

How is Barcelona this time of the year?

Is getting beautiful each day, christmas lights everywhere, smells like winter and chestnuts, I love the chestnuts kiosks all are around the city.

The holidays are fast approaching, any personal non-music plans you have for this time period?

Last week it was bank holiday in Spain and I spent some days with my girl in the Pyrenees, white landscapes, good food and wine, fireplace… what else? Also during xmas time, between gig and gig I will visit my family in Cantabria.

How about musically? Looking to do some studio time and/or gigs?

Studio time is everyday bro, there is always something to do, and I hope this will never change. About gigs I will be performing in Zagreb the 22, in Budapest the 29th and en January I will be touring USA.

I am a BIG fan of your music, it gets me emotionally in ways not a lot of artists can…. so thank you for the mix! What emotions were you feeling, if any, when selecting the tracks and putting it together?

Thanks man, this mix is a live recording from R33 club here in Barcelona, it was a special night, the party number 100 by my brothers from Creaductions, I was doing the warm up for Steve Lawler and I like what I’ve recorded.

I just talked about and discussed “emotions” because I feel like your music is filled with nuanced maturity that evokes emotions, of course in singularly different ways depending on the listener. Do you agree with that and if so where do you think you draw that from as a producer/DJ?

Well, I feel very comfortable with melodies, but the line between beautiful and cloying is very narrow, I like melodies in a correct quantity. For me it is very important to receive emotions from a song, if a track don’t make me feel something then is not made for me. I get the inspiration from nature, memories, dreams, weather, those I think are my main inputs.

Are there any artists out there that move you?

I really like the productions from Vakula, Floating Points, I:Cube, Andre Lodemann, Mathew Johnson, Sebastian Mullaert…

How important is what is happening in the world around you, whether near or on a more global scale, with regards to your musical output?

I think is very important to be in a good mood to start something in the studio, but also sadness or melancholy could help in the working flow. Everything is important, the weather, food, wellness…

Let’s talk about Pablo the man. What do you like to do in Barcelona when you’re not working on music?

I like to go with friends to have nice beers, wine and food, I really like to be in a nice table with good company talking for hours. Also go to the mountain for hike or bike. Yoga is getting very interesting, I started just 2 years ago, but I really like it and I think I need it every week.

How about when traveling, any must-do type of activity whenever you’re in a new city or place?

If it’s an nice city I like to see the main spots and how people lifes, also I like to taste the traditional gastronomy.

Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share with us?

I love indie videogames, I try to play every week, I am a big fan of Steam platform.

If you could choose ONE place/setting in the world to play your music in, what would it be?

Difficult to chose just one, but for sure it will be in an epic endless landscape.

What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?

Whatever I’ll be doing I hope to be healthy and happy.

Pablo Bolivar & Sensual Physics’ ‘Traverse (Reprise)’ is out late February on Seven Villas Music