Global Vibe Radio 298 Feat. Lindsey Herbert

Lindsey Herbert
Author : Kevin Ching
January 07, 2022

Global Vibe Radio 298 Feat. Lindsey Herbert

Having started her musical journey when she was just 16, Lindsey Herbert has truly become a recognized name in her city of San Francisco and beyond. Her unique signature sets and productions are true journeys that explore alternating soundscapes laced together by dark, deep and heavy textures, as well psychedelic elements and ethereal melodies.

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Listen: Lindsey Herbert’s Set During REFORM by Night 2021

Lindsey’s hard work over the years has paid off, gaining her residencies with San Francisco’s Robot Ears for six years, and more recently becoming the newest member of Direct to Earth in SF, as well as earning a spot on the roster of Berlin-based agency, Point Collective back in 2016. She has played coveted gigs in Detroit, Chicago, Athens, Istanbul, and throughout Germany, as well as the legendary Tresor Berlin and Gate Club in Batumi, Georgia.

This 6AM Global Vibe Radio features her performance set for REFORM by Night 2021 curated by DVS1.

Connect with Lindsey Herbert: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram