Dave Phoenix Release ‘Raw Thrills’ EP on Shadow Wulf

Author : Mark Grossane
August 18, 2023

Dave Phoenix Release ‘Raw Thrills’ EP on Shadow Wulf

While writing his track “Raw Thrills” David’s motivation was to create a classic dark minimal track full of horror, darkness and groove. The B-side “Evacuate” is a true sci-fi inspired track with a dark mood and catharsis.

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Listen Now: David Phoenix – Raw Thrills EP [SW041]

Says David, “It is a pleasure to work with Shadow Wulf again. I’m already in their catalog as a remixer, but this time they’re releasing my own EP, which I’ve wanted for a long time since I’m a big fan of their label and concept. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it! A big shout out to the two remixers Melanie Massa and Delix for their great work!”

David Phoenix is the alias of Hungarian DJ & Producer David Janecska, an artist whose career within electronic music spans two decades and a multitude of genres. In 2003, David began to make his first forays into music production, experimenting with a variety of styles that drew influence from the blistering sounds of breakbeat and techno that were popular at the time.

Beginning in 2017, David redoubled his pursuit of music production. In doing so, he drew on his formative influence of techno, combined it with the mindbending sound design of neuro & psy, and distilled these elements down to their most minimal forms. The results speak for themselves, with David’s productions presenting sleek, steady, and driving grooves perfectly produced for the dancefloor. Continuing on this new path, he began to DJ under his David Phoebix alias in 2019 and released his debut EP “Cybercrime” on Dense Audio in 2020.

Fast forward three years and David Phoenix has become one of the fastest-growing names in the minimal techno world with numerous releases on many of the genre’s most respected labels, including Music4Aliens, Subios, Techgnosis Records, and more. David Phoenix’s releases repeatedly chart amongst Beatport’s “Top 100” most popular tracks, and have carried him to stages worldwide from his native Hungary to Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia, and beyond.

With more of his own releases to come, the rise of David Phoenix is set to shine brightly amidst the darkened dance floors of his sonic home as he soars ever upwards with the spectacular energy of his mythological namesake.

This will be David’s first EP release on Shadow Wulf, and second release with the label. Also featured on the release are remixes from returning artist Melanie Massa (Argentina), and new artist Delix (Australia).