Bimol Releases New Track Entitled “Orika” on Kontra Imprint

Author : Mark Grossane
August 04, 2023

Bimol Releases New Track Entitled “Orika” on Kontra Imprint

Orika, the most recent EP by the Colombian duo Bimol, is a declaration of versatility that explores sounds and themes permeated by the political, spiritual, and cultural daily situation of its members.

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Listen Now: Premiere: Bimol “Orika” – Kontra Imprint

Relying both on their signature sound: raw techno with hypnotic rhythms accompanied by the penetrating and reflective vocals of singer Donna Lace and on the various collaborations with other artists of the Kontra label.

In Orika Bimol, hand in hand with his sonic brothers from Kontra, immerse in a journey through various electronic territories. This track, which gives its name to the album, is built on a groove bass accompanied by melodies that fluctuate between techno and classic house. The result is a dance core track, perfect to open a sonic journey.

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