9 Things that Only Seasoned Ravers Will Understand

Author : Skylar Schossberger
January 13, 2022

9 Things that Only Seasoned Ravers Will Understand

Do you remember your first rave? You probably realized pretty soon that you wouldn’t find the Chainsmokers at Berghain. Now that you’ve been to so many warehouse parties you can’t stand anything less than 140 BPM. Here are nine things that only seasoned ravers will understand. Iykyk.

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1. Walking through security and hearing the bass boom from a far and distant stage. That never gets old.

2. Oof, or that moment the DJ drops something ridiculously nasty and you lock eyes with a stranger and both of you are like…

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3. Solo raving. Besides having a grand time, you’ve earned mad respect.

4. Gotta love it when you’re adopted by a cool new crew because your friends have left.

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5. Or when it’s hot as hell, you’re dripping in sweat, and you’re fanned by a random stranger.

6. Taking a break. There’s nothing quite like leaving the dance floor to post up with your homies. Pro Tip: never underestimate the power of a chair.

7. Every seasoned raver has also sacrificed fashion for practicality.

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8. The best feeling is when you know it’s time for the main set or the afterparty.

9. And, of course, every seasoned raver understands what it’s like to leave the party when most people are going to work in the morning. Especially when you make eye contact with them.