6AM In Interview with Marco Sgalbazzini: The Artist Journey Guide to Bookings

6AM In Interview with Marco Sgalbazzini: The Artist Journey Guide to Bookings
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 31, 2021

6AM In Interview with Marco Sgalbazzini: The Artist Journey Guide to Bookings

This is a recording of The Artist Journey – Guide to Bookings with Marco Sgalbazzini (6AM/Synthetik Minds) Clubhouse panel conversation held on Friday, March 26th 2021.

This installment of the Artist Journey explores best practices and artist professionalism pertaining to artist bookings and approaches for landing gigs with 6AM COO/talent-buyer and Synthetik Minds Founder Marco Sgalbazzini alongside panel host Sam Barba of Position Obscure.

The topics discussed include:

•The dynamics of bookings and how to best approach it as a DJ/Producer
•Presenting yourself as a professional when approaching to ask gigs
•How to get the attention of promoters/talent-buyers


More About ArtistMap

The panel was presented by ArtistMap, an online roadmap program and an artist support community created by 6AM Group that aims to guide electronic music artists towards a successful and sustainable career.

The ArtistMap mission is:

– To help artists develop mental strength and discipline for their journey ahead
– To help artists develop actionable insights and strategies that can be implemented today
– To help artists stay focused on their path going from Phase-1 through Phase-4 aka the Artist lifecycle

In Phase-1, you will learn what it takes to build a bulletproof mindset and understand a profound approach and discipline on how to handle many given situations you may arise in your journey. Having this awareness early in your journey will set your mind at ease while developing your mental strength and discipline which will profoundly impact your well-being going through such a rigorous process and journey.

n Phase-2, you will gain insights into strategies and tactics for social media and self-promotion in your artist journey. These strategies have helped 6AM grow as a brand and have unlocked opportunities for my artist career. You’ll also learn the various approaches to take for different music labels as well as how PR and online music outlets operate to help you keep leveling up.

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